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"Thank you so much for your gift, and much more than that for your encouragement and guidance. I can honestly say that the knowledge and guidance you've given me over the years has changed my life and is the foundation on which I've built every one of my successes. I would have never reached my levels of academic success without your diagnosis of my learning disabilities and your recommendations on how to approach them. I would never have come in contact with Annie and Andrew at "What's the Word" if not for your recommendation and therefore would not have made a 34 on my ACT which enabled me to attend SMU because of the relationships it won me. Even as I write this letter, I realize I'm writing it with the pen you gave me two years ago. You have single-handedly changed the course of my entire life though our paths have only crossed a few times over the years. You better believe that wherever I end up in life, I have you to thank.

Thank you for turning my disability into my ability."



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