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"The staff at the Regents' Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) at the University of Georgia very much appreciates the evaluations you have completed for students submitting documentation to the Regents' Center. We realize that our evaluation criteria differ from those at elementary and secondary levels. Your willingness to provide us with this kind of documentation, as well as supply additional information when needed, has made it possible to apply the Regents' Center Criteria so that these students have access to appropriate accommodations at the post-secondary level. These accommodations will, in large measure, make it possible for students to be successful in their chosen course of study.

The Regents' Center has the responsibility for evaluating students and for reviewing outside evaluations such as yours to determine whether a student's documentation meets RCLD Criteria for learning disorders at the postsecondary level. Each year, approximately 120 students are seen for evaluation through the Regents' Center, and 250 to 300 outside evaluations are reviewed. We are always looking for ways to improve our services to students and evaluators, and appreciate hearing your comments. Please contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skill, and expertise with us and with the students who apply for services at the University of Georgia. We hope to work with you again and look forward to a continuing relationship. Our best wishes for a happy and successful year."



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