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growFrequently Asked Questions

What ages do you evaluate?
Ages 5 through adult

How long does testing take?
A full psycho-educational evaluation takes approximately 5-8 hours. We usually plan for 2 half-days or 1 full day.

What is the fee for a psycho-educational evaluation?
Please refer to our fee structure page.

What is required for payment of the evaluation?
There is a $300 deposit required to secure the appointment. The balance is due the first day of the testing.

Does insurance cover the evaluation?
We will provide you with CPT Codes and a paid-in-full invoice. Insurance companies sometimes reimburse families for this type of service.

If my child cannot miss school, can the evaluation occur during the weekend?
Yes, Linda conducts evaluations during weekends, holidays, and summer months.

Will your evaluation defend my child's need for accommodations on the ACT/SAT?
For high stakes tests, a current psycho-educational evaluation is required. If a definitive diagnosis is made, accommodations associated with that learning disorder need to be approved and utilized in an upper school setting. Then those accommodations can be requested for tests such as ACT/SAT.

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