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growPhilosophy About The Evaluation Process

My primary goal when evaluating a student is to maintain the dignity of the individual throughout the process. Many students begin their “journey” with me since the evaluation determines and guides methods of treatment, course choices, modifications, accommodations, and school placement decisions. Each student is unique with talents and gifts that need to be unfolded and recognized. Simultaneously, a close analysis of struggles is necessary. Part of my role is to encourage each student to realistically understand him/herself. With this new perspective and the proper support, he/she can begin to move forward by accentuating strengths and shoring up weaknesses.

I learned from Priscilla Vail, an author and teacher, that each student needs reminders that he/she is special and “one of a kind” just as each snowflake, fingerprint, and sunset. He/she needs to know that there is opportunity to succeed! My charge as an educational diagnostician is to clarify issues and give direction for finding a “path to success”. I feel privileged to be in this field and continue to be challenged and intrigued with each student I meet.

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